There is no better gift for your spouse on your wedding day than a much-wanted adorable pup. This is precisely what Harmick Nazarians thought about on the day of his wedding with his girlfriend, Angela. Since their first day as a couple, Angela had been upfront about how much she wanted to be a fur mom to her very own puppy.

She was always sending pics of dogs to Harmick and cooing over every other pooch they meet on the streets. So when Angela mentioned the puppy thing again right before they got married, Harmick decided to go out and finally find the most adorable pooch there is.

He didn’t mention his plan to his girlfriend though and kept telling Angela that he wouldn’t give her a puppy on their wedding day.


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Of course, it wasn’t against his will to get a pooch since he is a dog lover himself and has always agreed to get a pup for their first child. But what made him delay the adoption is that he wanted to make the experience memorable for his soon-to-be wife. So days before their I do’s, he adopted the furriest canine in town and kept the pooch at his friend’s house.

Amid their reception and while Angela was in the middle of tossing her bouquet, she suddenly heard her female guests squeal. When she turned around to see the commotion, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her husband was walking towards her with a charming Goldendoodle cuddled up in his arms.

She was so surprised that she just flung the bouquet out of her hands to grab hold of the sweet little guy. The Goldendoodle was an instant star too. The guests immediately surrounded him, all cooing at how adorably behaved he is in his dad’s arms.

They named the pooch Waffle, and the rest of the reception was all about him. Angela was ecstatic at the surprise that she wasn’t able to talk for a couple of minutes. But when she finally regained her composure, she thanked her husband saying that Waffle was the best gift ever.

Watch the bride’s precious reaction here.

Courtesy of Harmick Nazarians



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