While some of those who used to be an only child might dislike the idea of having siblings because they wouldn’t get to monopolize their parents’ attention, this pooch begs to differ. He proves he’s the best brother we’d all wish to have!

Meet Gunnar, a bulldog! As far as the Smiths are concerned, he was their first child.

For the early years of their marriage, Gunnar enjoyed being their only baby. He had all of the couple’s love and attention until a new blessing came into their lives, which they named Wyatt.

But Gunnar was never jealous. Instead, he would help to babysit his sibling. He had quickly adjusted from being the baby to being the big brother who protects and cares for the younger Smith.

In fact, as his mom shares, he was the first who learned that she was pregnant. And during her pregnancy, Gunnar would get himself near the bump and wait to feel the baby kick.

For some time, it was always the tandem of Gunnar and Wyatt that livened up their home until another member came, Lachlan. Gunnar was equally happy to welcome him! And together, they made the perfect trio!

Gunnar accompanied his two brothers everywhere, always looking out for them. He would play with them and even cuddles the two when they cry. What a sweet brother!

He may not be the only child anymore, but he gets to be pampered by dad still! Well, any parent wouldn’t deprive their son when he’s such a good boy!

Many may say that dogs could be a danger to small kids, but Gunnar continually proves this wrong. He shows he is the most dependable and loving big bro!

And now, surely, Gunnar will find himself busier as he’s got a new brother again! To see more of these handsome boys, visit them on their Instagram!

Source at Gunnar The Bulldog via Instagram


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