Dogs have always been known to be warm and loyal creatures. They are the type who would put their lives in danger to save their owners and such is this German Shepherd, Duke.

While he and his dad, Gino Wensel, were on a walk, an unknown man suddenly approached, one hand with a knife. Gino shared he was clueless whether he was a robber or if he only meant to attack him. But Gino was sure of one thing, and it was that the man knew that Duke would never let him get hurt.

Duke immediately put himself in between, growling, scaring the person away from his dad. And probably realizing that he wouldn’t succeed in his attempt, the man decided to run away. But before that, he had stabbed Duke in the head to Gino’s horror.

Gino thought Duke was dead. The only thing that showed he was alive was the moving blade.

Wanting to save Duke, he rushed him to the Animal Welfare Society, an association that provides veterinary services at no cost. The organization’s spokesperson said that when Gino arrived, the injured Duke was already on the brink of death.

In an X-ray examination, it was found that the blade was plunged to his head by three inches. But incredibly, the blade’s tip had bent, and it missed his brain by a few millimeters! That gave Gino hope that the doctors would get to save him!

Luckily, his operation went well; the knife was removed, which made his condition much better.

From there, he had made an excellent recovery! And in no time, Duke was back with his dad, and we guess they are now spending their time catching up with each other!

It’s devastating how some people could get so cruel, harming animals to get what they want. Thankfully, good people are always there to the rescue! A salute to all those who gave Duke a second chance in life!

Source at Animal Welfare Society of SA via Facebook


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