Most couples look forward to their wedding because it is one of the most significant moments in their lives. Matthew and Nambok Howard were no different from other couples because they, too, wanted a memorable wedding celebration, and they have their Bulldog, Diesel, to thank for that.

The Howards knew that involving Diesel will be a risky move because their of the Bulldog’s huge personality. However, the couple decided to give it a go because they just could not imagine the biggest day of their lives without their dog.

Matthew Howard, Diesel’s fur dad, shared with The Dodo that their Bulldog loves being a scene-stealer. Matthew said that he should have realized that their beloved dog would do something out of the ordinary on their big day.

Matthew and Nambok’s four other fur babies were present on their wedding day. The Howards chose Diesel as the best man because they know that he would be the perfect dog to do the job.

The Howards planned everything related to their whole wedding together. However, the only thing that they could not foresee was how their naughty dog would behave during the celebration.

Diesel and his fur siblings could not hide their excitement when they saw all the people their humans loved gather in one beautiful place. Diesel suddenly got excited when he saw his fur mom walk down the aisle.

Matthew said that Diesel must have thought that he and his fur mom would go somewhere for a ride. He recalled that Diesel walked towards Nambok and sniffed her pants when she saw her stand at the altar.

Diesel stood close to the bride and started peeing on the white outfit before his humans said their I dos. Luckily, Diesel missed Nambok’s pants by a couple of centimeters.

Diesel kicked the leaves in an attempt to cover his tracks and walked away with a smug look on his adorable face. True enough, the Howards’ dog of six years made their wedding day an unforgettable one.

Source: ozbulldogsquad via Instagram


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