What happens when a police officer and retired police dog audition on a reality talent show? PC Dave Wardell and Finn, his retired partner warmed everyone’s hearts at the Britain Got Talent. Finn is a German Shepherd from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire dog unit. Finn has been PC Wardell’s partner for seven years when the most unfortunate thing happened that changed their lives.

Finn and PC Wardell at the BGT

Finn is a true hero

Back in October 2016, PC Wardell was chasing a suspect in Stevenage. The suspect who happened to be a teenager that time just ignored his warnings and never stopped, so he sent Finn after him. When Finn took hold of the suspect’s lower leg in his mouth, he pulled him until he was face down. All of a sudden, PC Wardell noticed that the suspect appeared to be pulling a big knife from Finn’s chest and it was covered with blood. He tried to save Finn, but the criminal lunged again. This time, though, the criminal aimed at the officer. Finn blocked the weapon and suffered multiple fatal stab wounds.

Miracles do happen. In the case of Finn, he managed to survive several surgeries, only leaving him with substantial surgical wounds. Ten weeks after the incident, Finn returns to duty good as new. Not only is Finn a hero, but he is also a magician! He can read minds, and he can do magic tricks with cards. And a very loyal dog on top of that. But the true magic is the passing of Finn’s Law. The Law covers and protects all service animals. This law makes it an offense to harm or abuse an animal in line of duty. And on June 8, 2019, Saturday, Finn’s Law is officially a law.

Source: Britain Got Talent via Youtube


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