Unexpected visitors can either be a pain in the neck or a real delight. But when your unexpected visitors have four legs and furry coats, expect that you will be in for a ride.

JP Brammer works as a journalist in New York City. One Saturday as he was enjoying his time off at his apartment, he heard a strange sound by his door. He instantly approached the noise to find out what the commotion is about.

The moment he peeked through his eyehole, he was thrown off guard. Waiting at the other side of his apartment door were three furry friends he wasn’t expecting at all, an orange furball of a cat and its two bodyguard dogs. Seeing the whole gang there was already a headache to JP, but what happened next was beyond his expectations.

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Of course, JP couldn’t resist the urge to open the door, pet the furry visitors, and eventually return them to their apartment upstairs. But while the dogs remained standing in the corridor and politely wagging their tails, the feline already made itself at home and hit the coach.

While the lost pets were intruding on his day off, JP couldn’t be happier to spend the next hour with them. He had always been an animal lover, and an unplanned hang out with the furballs is nothing short of a delight for him. So while they were waiting for the rightful owner to come and pick them up, JP busied himself with updating the Twitter world of his rather spontaneous babysitting adventure.

Soon enough, at 1 pm, his friendly neighbors down the hallway came to his rescue. They brought leashes and toys for the pets, and in no time at all, they were brought back to their apartment. Once the owners of the naughty guys came home, JP visited them before going back to his pad and dozing off the rest of the day.

Watch their hilarious story here.

Courtesy of The Dodo


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