Dogs may be man’s best friends, but they are at times a little weird. You may even have a hard time to find explanations to their habits. All these may be explained by their more than 40 million years of experience, and the lack of explanation may be due to Homo Sapiens lesser years of existence. Studies of dogs’ evolution show that Canidae, the very first species to be identified under the dog family, have appeared during the Eocene epoch. That is a rough 40 million years back while the modern wolves these days first appeared about two million years back. Now, compare that to half million years of Homo Sapiens existence and that could explain your dog’s “pre-human” unique behaviors. Human and dog partnership is even more recent, about twenty thousand years or so.

Coprophagy explained

Eating its own poop or that of other animals is truly bizarre, even for your dog. This is unimaginable for your cute fur ball while at the same time unhealthy. So why would your dog choose to eat its own or any other waste? The main reason may go back to age-old survival of canines in the wild where they become preys to bigger and more aggressive predators. These predators often hunt dog dens through the scent of their feces so the mothers would clean up after their pups by eating them thereby eliminating every possible evidence. That had been passed on to these days. In overcrowded shelters, puppy mills, or dirty kennels, wastes lie around everywhere and for hours and curious puppies will often sniff and with the scent of food still lingering, they would eat the feces. This odd behavior will self-reinforces through time and finally, when these puppies get to go home with their new sires, they bring with them the nasty habit.

Poor diet is the other most known cause of coprophagy. Puppies and dogs have recommended diets, which their owners should provide to ensure their health as well as prevent their fur balls from looking for other food sources. Oftentimes, their instinct will point them to the feces in the dog park or their yard – may it be theirs or another dog or animal. Besides, these feces usually have the food scent that makes them interesting to adult dogs and puppies who are suffering from rumbling stomachs.

One distinct issue that is far from the first few reasons why dogs suffer from Coprophagy is that they adore cat poop. The higher meat content of the feline food to theirs and the tasty flavorings are the reasons for this. Since cat leavings can be randomly dispersed, these are very easy to find especially with the powerful nose of your dog.

Preventing coprophagy

The basic way to prevent your dog from eating its own and other animals’ feces is a clean environment. Make it a point to keep your place free of all kinds of waste. Feed your dog with the appropriate amount and confirm its diet with your trusted vet.



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