Pit Bulls, Doberman pinscher, and Rottweilers are often thought to be aggressive. Many people believed that these dogs are dangerous and mean because they are exceptionally aggressive. But people should know that a dog can become unstable and aggressive regardless of the breed. If a Doberman can bite so does a poodle.

Pit Bulls are often thought to be aggressive. This might be attributed to their history. Pit Bulls were mainly chosen as contenders in the dog fighting industry before it was banned and criminalized in the 20th century. Although most pit bulls were selected because of their fighting ability, most of them are sweet and loving.

But even if pit bulls can be aggressive towards other dogs, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be around with other animals.

Pit bulls are not good guard dogs, but they can be very protective of their ‘pack’ especially towards children. They can be adorable and patient. But just like any other dog, if they feel their human is threatened, they will interfere.

To those who still doubt that pit bulls can be sweet and gentle dogs, watch as Bella showed what a kind and loving soul she is. Bella is a three-legged pit bull who fostered a litter of kittens when they were rejected by their mom.

Watch the video below and witness the gentle way Bella deals with the playful kittens.


You can see how sweet and patient Bella is towards the kittens. It only goes to show that despite the history of her breed pit bulls are gentle by nature.

Dogs are gentle and loving by nature. Dogs that have become aggressive and mean is usually due to their environment and how their owners handle them.

As for Bella, we hope she won’t be so heartbroken when her ‘kids’ have to be adopted.

Source Grace Kuhn via YouTube 



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