Karen James was horseback riding, and she let her pet dog, Puppy, accompany her. They were in the wooded area in McCleary, Washington. She thought the Great Pyrenees dog was just behind her. Later after her ride, she realized that Puppy was nowhere to be found. Her dog was lost.

She tried looking for the pup but to no avail. James then called a local pet rescue center, and the Three Retrievers Lost Rescue to help in the search. Immediately, they planned where to look and deployed a rescue dog named Tino, a German Shepherd.

Search and Rescue dogs are trained to rescue not only human but also other animals. Rescue dog Tino was then instructed to track down Puppy’s scent. He was deployed in the area where the lost dog might be located. After some time of searching and sniffing, Tino finally found Puppy stuck in a deep muddy pit, and he could not get out because the mud was sticky.

Puppy’s location was less than a mile from James’s house. It was far from the trail, so it would be very difficult to find him because the place is vast and wooded. It was impossible to find him without the help of a rescue dog. Puppy’s 150-pound weight made it even more impossible for him to get out of the mire.

They had to slowly pull the dog up from the mud using a rope. Finally, when Puppy was taken out, the dog could not use his feet to stand or walk. Puppy’s feet were stuck in the wet and sticky mire for 40 long hours. They had to carry him to a wagon and transport him back home. Puppy’s family was very happy to see him home. After thorough cleaning up, he took rest to recover from the unpleasant experience.

For his part, Tino was also happy to have rescued a fellow doggie. He just watched in the sidelines while Puppy was being taken out from the mud. After 16 months in training, this was his first solo rescue effort, and it turned out a success.

Rescue dogs have repeatedly shown their heroic acts in countless search and rescue incidents. Tino’s performance is just one of these acts.

Please watch the video below.

Source: Funky Smile via Youtube


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