Julio Precioso grew up in Brazil. He has a soccer player’s blood running in his veins, which is something that Irie, his pet pooch, also has.

The rescued pooch

Julio met Irie at a dog pound in Sydney. He went in looking for a different dog when he saw her. After taking her out for a walk, Julio knew that they were meant to be together. Destiny must have brought them together because she was about to be euthanized when he found her. They have been inseparable ever since.

The accidental superstar

Unlike other professional athletes, Irie’s ball skills were discovered by accident. She was watching Julio play soccer one day when someone kicked the ball towards her. Irie tried to grab the ball but failed because she had a hard time reaching it. She then kicked the ball back to where Julio and his friends were standing.

The two practiced passing the ball to each other. Julio would kick the ball to Irie, and she would pass it back to him. Julio commended her whenever she did something good, and he gave her tips whenever he noticed areas that she needed to improve. Irie eventually memorized everything that Julio taught her.

The mesmerizing Staffy-Kelpie

You can find Julio and Irie at Bondi Beach since they usually spend their afternoons there. The two love to play ball and a crowd gathers around them whenever they do. Irie has impeccable soccer skills – he lets the ball stay in the air as he and Julio go head to head.

People wave and call out their name whenever they’re at the beach. The two gained a loyal set of followers since they mastered the art of juggling the soccer ball between them. Watch them pass the ball back and forth in this video:

Credits to Julio Precioso



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