Grandma tends to her small store in a little town in South Korea. She is a no-nonsense business owner, yet something changed that fateful day when a tiny Chihuahua walked right into her establishment. It looked frail and sickly, so Grandma took the small pup under her wing right then and there.

Grandma named the dog “Dol-dol.” He isn’t cute by any standards; Dol-dol has thin, spider-like legs, bulging eyes, and almost no fur. Dol-dol is three years old, yet he is as small as a pack of cigarettes. Grandma uses bright colors when making sweaters for Dol-dol, so he can easily be seen, lest the tiny pup would be stepped on.

“I used to think people who always carry their dogs around are weird,” Grandma remarked. “I guess I’m one of the weird ones now.” She doesn’t carry Dol-dol around — she puts him in her apron pocket, with only his tiny head, bulging eyes and bat-like ears protruding out of the small patch of the garment.

Why is Dol-dol so tiny? Why does he have trouble walking? A quick visit to the vet confirmed Grandma’s worst fears: Dol-dol has hydrocephalus. This is a condition where the brain is filled with water. This is the cause of the little dog’s abnormality; however, the worst is yet to come. The vet told grandma that usually, dogs with this condition live for only 1-2 years. Dol-dol is now three years old, and they have no idea how long he still has.

Grandma was so shocked she covered Dol-dol’s ears to prevent him from hearing the bad news.

But why did Dol-dol live for so long? How come the wee dog does not show signs of ever giving up any time soon? This is the power of Grandma’s love.

Watch the love story of Grandma and Dol-dol here:


Source: SBS TV Animal Farm x Animal Look via YouTube



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