Dogs are like humans. They love giving hugs and being hugged in return. They also feel deprived when they don’t get any.

They get upset too. It is one of the funniest yet sweetest thing one can witness. For this huge dog, Kernel, he loves his morning hugs from his mother. His mother tried not giving him anyone morning.

After they went on a hike, Kernel was the grumpiest he could be. He was also giving his mom a look that says he was not happy not receiving any hug that morning. Of course, his mom gave him a hug that he deserves.

Kernel has always been in tune with his mom’s emotions and moods. When his mom is upbeat, he is too. When his mom is calm, he relaxes and does not bother her.

Kernel has also touched lives as he visits a patient in Boston Children’s Hospital, and these two have bonded. This girl is getting treatment every six weeks, and Kernel would visit her every time she is inpatient.

It is such an incredible sight to see. Kernel has been a joy to the family as Alyssa’s dad would even do anything to catch his attention. Kernel would also visit Alyssa’s Nana who always enjoys having Kernel around.

Alyssa’s nana would even prepare treats for him. Every time Kernel visits, Alyssa’s nana would always come to life. Because of his skill to cheer up people and being in tune with their feelings, Alyssa thought it best to train him to be a service dog.

He is now able to do basic commands as a service dog and he is in training to do deep pressure therapy. This dog is going to achieve a lot in his lifetime and is going to touch many lives with his new skills.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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