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Pablo is a pit bull and he never got a chance to be adopted although many have attempted to. They just did not work right for Pablo.

Manny met Pablo. He was told about the dog’s history when he went to the New York Bully Crew. He was told the dog had bad behavior.

Pablo was urged to go near Manny. Pablo did but he started to chew on Manny’s coat. The staff at the shelter thought that Manny will never adopt Pablo because of what he did but Manny surely just fell in love with Pablo.


Manny took Pablo home with him and introduced him to his girlfriend. The dog instantly trusted the girlfriend but he did not trust Manny. The couple understood that they had to work on that and it would take a long time to do that but they were willing to do that.

When Pablo went to the vet with Manny’s girlfriend, she learned about what happened to the dog in the past. Pablo was hurt really bad when he was still a pup. He got kicked right in the jaw and it was a man who did this. That is why Pablo just didn’t trust men that much.

The couple, upon learning this, decided that they will help Pablo trust men again. They will also make sure that he will be comfortable in his new house with them.

The couple had another dog, Charli. Charli loved spending time with Manny and the couple decided to show Pablo through Charli that Manny can be trusted. Charli showed Pablo that he can play with Manny if the wanted to and Manny will not harm him.

In time, Pablo started warming up to Manny. He even now plays with him and sits comfortably by Manny’s side. All their work had definitely paid off.

Source: The Dodo



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