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One snowy day, a man in Canada who owned 3 dogs took his pets out and played with them. He owned two huge dogs and one small chihuahua. They spent time playing fetch.

The man stopped playing when he got tired, so he took some rest inside the house. The two huge dogs joined him when they saw him enter the house. The chihuahua remained behind and didn’t notice the dogs go inside.

The chihuahua decided to search for his siblings. While he was doing that, the man’s wife went to their car since she had to go somewhere.

The woman started to back up, and that was when the chihuahua saw that his siblings were inside the house. The dog started to run to where they were.

The chihuahua was quite small, and the woman didn’t see him while she was backing up. It was a good thing that one of the larger dogs saw what was about to happen and ran to save the little dog.

It seemed like everything was a blur. What was important was that the big dog was able to grab the smaller one and bring him to safety.

Now that was when the woman noticed that something had happened. She stopped the car and got out. She rushed to the little dog and gave the animal a tight hug. She was shocked at what could’ve happened if not for the big dog. Then, she gave the hero dog a huge hug.

The couple was very happy and thankful that all of their dogs were safe. They are also quite astonished at how courageous their border collie was when he saw that his tiny sibling was in a dangerous situation. If it weren’t for the border collie, the couple just couldn’t imagine what could’ve possibly happened.

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