The quick and heroic action of a boy from Georgia saved a whole family from the fatal consequence of a fire. He was only five years old, which makes his effort extraordinary. He also saved the family dog, which earns him another extra awesomeness.

Noah Woods woke up to a room being engulfed by massive flames. Instead of being paralyzed by panic, he quickly jumped into action. He grabbed his two-year-old sister, who is sharing the room with him and escaped the fiery room through the only available safe exit, the window.

But Noah wasn’t done yet. He immediately went back into the house to get the family dog then woke up his uncle to help alert the other members of the family. No one was hurt, thanks to Noah’s expeditious handling of the situation.

Chief Dwayne Jamison of the Fire Department of Bartow County praised Noah’s heroism. He acknowledged that some children have also alerted their families about a fire, but not as impressive and efficient as Noah did. He was amazed that a mere five-year-old was able to accomplish what he did.

The department also shared a photo of Noah on Facebook. The handsome young boy is in a hospital gown still with some soot on his face and wearing a shy smile. They captioned it with his accomplishment, calling him a hero for saving all of his family members. Noah will be presented with an award for saving lives and be recognized as an honorary firefighter of Bartow County.

Investigation showed that the fire started at Noah’s room because of an electrical outlet that was overloaded. The whole house was burned down, and there was a problem with their home insurance, which made matters worse. Nevertheless, they are thankful everyone is alive. Noah’s grandfather, David also started a GoFundMe account to help the Woods family rebuild their lives.

Our hero! 5 year old Noah Woods recently woke up to find his bedroom on fire. The only available exit was a window. He…

Posted by Bartow County Fire Department on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Credits to Bartow County Fire Department


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