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Dogs are playful by nature. Since they are very energetic animals, they need an outlet to release their excess energies. One of the usual ways they do this is by playing different games. Dogs will do anything to play. They do this activity even with strangers.

This dog named Chester is one of the many dogs with too much penchant at playtime. The dog even plays even with people he just recently met. The good thing for this, though, is that most people he meets are also outgoing.

This man he recently met, though, seemed to be different from others. Unlike most of the men he stumbled upon, the man refuses to play fetch with him. The dog then was startled. He does not understand why the man is like that.

One day, Chester and his other dog siblings were with their owners while taking a stroll. Chester then noticed that there was a statue of a man nearby. The man was sitting with his arms crossed.

While his brothers were convinced that the statue was not moving, Chester thought otherwise. This is where the dog’s silliness came into fore. He believed that the statue was a real person, just like others.

Debbie Taylor, one of Chester’s fur parents, said that they continued walking in the area. Soon enough, they noticed that Chester was no longer with them. They went back to check on the dog. To their surprise, they found Chester beside the wooden statue.

Debbie saw that Chester was trying to play fetch with the statue. Chester found a tree branch, and that’s what he used to play fetch with the figure. While she found it funny, Debbie just watched her dog realize that the wooden statue is not a real man. She started filming the activity of the dog with the icon.

In the video, it showed that Chester was taunting the man to pick the stick and play fetch with him. Soon enough, the dog surrendered because the statue was not moving at all.

Credits to Storyful Rights Movement.


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