It is winter and your dog experiences the snow for the first time. Now, it can be quite the show, but not all dogs are suited for the cold weather. Here are some tips to let your dog enjoy the snow.


Use your judgment when going out in the winter


Does your dog have thick or thin coats? Also, dog’s age is an issue worth considering. Puppies and older dogs have difficulty regulating their body temperature.

Remember that if it is too cold for you in your winter outfit, it might be too cold for your dog also.


Slowly get used to the cold

If your dog seems fine and is not showing any signs of getting cold, it is ok to gradually stay out longer and longer. Just start with short periods outside and build from there.


Make easier potty time

Clear a place outside from the snow so that your dog has a familiar spot to go. After a good potty time give treats to your dog to reward for good behavior. This also prevents accidents inside.


Look out for antifreeze and rock salt

Problem is that antifreeze tastes sweet, but it is very toxic. Keep your dog away from blue or green-colored spots on the sideways or driveways.

Rock salt is not toxic. However, it can still be bad for the stomach if eaten. It is also bad for paws.

Just to be sure, clean your dogs’ paws before you let him inside. This is also good for warming the paws faster.


How to warm your dog

When your dog is cold, you need to cover him with something like towel or blanket. Now what easily comes to mind is to warm him up with a blow dryer. It is ok on a low setting and not to heat his paws. Paws can burn easily. Trick for warming paws is to heat rice in a sock and place it around paws. Make sure it is not too hot by testing on yourself first.


Dog paws need protection in the winter

Paw pads that are cracked, you need to put moisturizer to them. Be carefult that he does not lick it off straight away. To prevent cracked paws, put you dog in booties. If not possible, remember to clean the paws everytime he comes in.


Remember to still exercise in the winter

When you have acclimated your dog for winter weather, remember to still take your dog out for a walk even in winter, because your dog can become very nervous and destructive from all the energy that is pent-up.

You can make fun experience by building a small agility course out of snow. If it really is too cold or icy, there is always indoor gyms for dogs. You can also then play indoor games to keep your dog busy.



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