Deciding to adopt a dog should be well thought out. You must consider with care the level of responsibility you are allowing yourself to assume. Remember that dogs are not accessories to take around your neighborhood so you’d look good and interesting. They are living and breathing creatures, with highly specific needs.

If you have already carefully considered the matter and you are all set for a visit to an animal shelter in your area, here are a few tips you should follow.

Assess your level of energy

The success of your relationship with your would-be dog depends primarily on how your energies will complement one another’s. Here self-reflection and introspection is needed. What you want to do is identify your very own level of energy.

Are you the kind of person who goes straight to the tread mill a few minutes after waking up? Or are you the more leisurely type who thrives in long slow walks or entire afternoons spent in your couch? The answer to this important question should guide your eventual choice. If your energy comes in ceaseless bundles, by all means adopt an equally energetic dog.

Perhaps you might ask, how do I know which breeds are energetic and which ones are the opposite? The answer is research. A few clicks online will lead you to the answers you need. Also, spend an afternoon or two to personally check the dogs available at your nearby animal shelter. Here you can assess which one can best complement your energy level.

But do not judge dogs in animal shelters based solely on your observation. Keep in mind that caged dogs might not necessarily manifest their real temperaments. Here it is advised that you consult with the attendants working at the shelter. They might give you some valuable insights on their kept dogs. This brings us to our next tip.

Don’t shy away from asking questions 

So long as your questions are relevant, you are not wasting anyone’s time. So don’t shy away from throwing pertinent queries to animal shelter attendants or dog rescuers you have access to. You might want to ask about the dog’s history. Who gave them up for adoption and why. Or where the rescuers found them and under what circumstances.

You can also ask the staff how well they get along with the dog that has caught your attention. As well as to how the dog responds to visiting strangers other than yourself. These may seem banal, but they are far from it. These questions will give you the exact enlightening answers you need.

Ask for a test drive

Not all animal shelters allow this so you’re lucky if the staff in your chosen rescue center allows you take a dog out for a test walk. If you can get away with it, this is a rather helpful part in the process, at least on your end. Consider it as a trial boding time with your would-be pet. If things go well and smoothly, you probably have met your match. Otherwise, begin looking for other options.


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