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When moving from one home to another, a person can sometimes leave some things behind. Perhaps because they don’t need them anymore or because the place that they’ll be moving to is small and will not accommodate all of their current stuff.

In this story, a family moved to a new place. They left a lot of things they didn’t need on the street for anyone to pick up if they wanted to. They also left behind their dog.

What made the whole thing even sadder is that the dog was left on the side of the street with just a blanket. The dog was all alone and she found comfort in that blanket that she was very attached to. The dog was sad and didn’t understand why she was alone all of a sudden. She had no food and nobody to call her family.


Marina Tarashevska is one of the founders of Dallas DogRRR. She saw the dog while she was out on New Year’s Day. She tried to help the animal. At first, the dog didn’t want to go with her and it was really holding on to its blanket.

Marina did her best. It took her a number of tries before she could lure the animal to join her. So what Marina did was to pull on the blanket. That did the trick. The dog started to follow her.

Later on, Marina named the dog Camilla. Camilla was safe in Marina’s home but she wasn’t too keen on being close to Marina. It seems like the dog had a hard time trusting anyone after what she had been through.

Camilla was also given medical attention. She was brought to the vet for her wounds, which the vet said had been because of a collar embedded on her skin. Now, Camilla is on her way to recovery.

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