Whether we like it or not, numerous companies use dogs, particularly beagles, to test their products. These dogs never see sunlight, stay in cramped cages, and never experiences the outside world.

In most cases, beagles are usually the victims because of their temperament. Beagles are naturally gentle and rarely fight back even when they’re physically abused.

Once the laboratories are finished experimenting on the dogs, they discard them like trash or are put down. Thankfully, there are numerous organizations out there that rescue these animals and rehabilitate them.


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These dogs have never experienced love or family. The only thing they knew is living in fear and pain, which is why it takes quite a while for these dogs to adjust to a normal life.

One of the many beagles rescued from such laboratories is named Frannie.

Although a loving family adopted Frannie, it took time for her to adjust. She was very shy and never knew how to act. She also displayed fear towards her new family.

The family that adopted Frannie even suspected that her vocal cords might have been cut out. After a few months of having Frannie as part of their family, she never barked or made noises as most dogs would.

However, the family were very patient with Frannie and showered her with love and affection. Eventually, Frannie slowly adjusted.

The family then decided to adopt another rescued lab beagle named Gertie after a year of having Frannie with them. It so happened that Gertie came from the same laboratory where Frannie was rescued.

Almost immediately, Frannie showed a completely different side of her. After getting reunited with Gertie, Frannie came out of her shell and started to become more active. She even started to bark or make doggy noises.

The patient and loving family takes good care of the rescued beagles. The family spends a lot of time with them, give them cuddles regularly, and plays with them every day.

Here’s a video of Frannie getting reunited with her friend, Gertie.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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