Dogs are similar to toddlers concerning temperament. Some dog owners might view their stubborn nature as a headache, while others don’t mind it at all. They see it as a little quirky trait to love.

Meet Maya.

Maya is a Siberian Husky with a quirky little trait. She is such an adorable dog with a bit of stubborn personality in her. One particular incident can attest to this.

On a typically normal day, Maya is bound to have her next dose of flea spray. She doesn’t want to have it, so she tries her best to avoid it. However, it was inevitable. Her fur parent succeeded spritzing her with the flea spray.


Maya was so upset that she deliberately refused to make eye contact with her owner. She turned her back, refusing to “speak” to her again.

Please, don’t be mad at me.

Maya’s owner knew that her beloved pet was mad at her. No matter how many times she coaxed her by her name, Maya still refuses to look at her. Eventually, she decided to use the only thing she knew Maya couldn’t resist.

Singing to the tune of “Tomorrow” from the famous movie Annie, Maya eventually started to relent. Though she still refuses to look at her owner, she cannot help singing along to the lyrics. The howls got louder and louder each time her owner sings more verses. Finally, upon hitting the chorus, Maya turns her head around.

That simple song was all Maya needed to forgive her owner. She couldn’t resist its lure. Maya let go of all her grudges, and they became friends once more.

Different dogs indeed have different personalities. As owners, it is up to us on how we use this knowledge to our advantage.

Special thanks to our friends at Wide Open Pets for sharing this cute story to us.

Click below to watch this sweet little video.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube



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