Some people breed dogs for profit. Federal laws that legalize dog breeding aim to put an end to irresponsible breeder methods. However, no matter how stringent the regulations are, there are still some who dare defy them.

Here is the story of Brave, a dog abandoned on the streets. Good thing that a kind-hearted person saw her situation. That person immediately blocked off the area where the dog hid before tipping Hope For Paws regarding the case.

I do not trust humans!

Upon reaching the location, Loreta Frankonyte cautiously approached the dog. Judging from the dog’s body language, the poor dog does not trust humans. Every time Loreta approaches the dog, it immediately scampers away.


However, after a few minutes of gentle coaxing, Loreta finally got to place the Lucky Leash on the dog. It seems that she finally gained its trust. She immediately named the dog Brave.

No more milk for my puppies.

After picking Brave up, they noticed that her nipples looked like they contained milk. They proceeded to check if she’s still lactating. However, it seems she wasn’t anymore.

They tried playing puppy sounds to check Brave’s reaction towards it, but it looked like Brave knew her puppies were long gone. So they proceeded to scan her for a microchip. Upon assessing that she didn’t have one, they immediately went to the veterinary hospital for a check-up.

New life for Brave

Brave received the utmost medical care and attention she needed. After her check-up, she went on training with the other dogs at Board-N-Behave.

A few months later, Brave manages to interact with other dogs and with humans as well. It was as if she got to live a new life.

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Brave’s foster parent ended up adopting her in the process. Now, she’s living the life she so much deserves: a loving family and a place to call home.

Thank you, PawmyGosh,  for sharing this wonderful story to us.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube



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