You see it a lot on the internet nowadays. A lot of people with their dog or dogs are having a grand time together.

When you look at those scenes, you dream of having the same kind of relationship with your dog. So what is stopping you?

· Start with yourself

The first step always starts within. The only real thing that is stopping you from getting that kind of relationship with your furry friend is you. Your dog will not make that initiative, you will.

The two most important things your dog needs from you aside from being fed is attitude and commitment.

Your attitude when you are with your dog can determine if your dog sees you as his leader or not.

Your dog can tell if you are worried or afraid. This is the reason why it is important that you are always calm and composed when you are around your dog. Your attitude lets your dog know if you are worth following or not.

Committing that you will take care and provide the needs of your dog should be evident. It is not enough that you just feed him, you need to accommodate his other needs.

A great example is doing exercise. Do you go out and spend time doing exercise with your dog every day?

If your answer is no, then you are not committed enough in sustaining your dog’s needs.

· Give your dog attention, and wisdom will follow

How much time do you spend with your dog?

Do you focus on your dog, or are you too busy with other things?

Giving your dog your complete focus is a big thing. Spend as much of your time concentrating on your dog. By concentrating on your dog, you will be learning a lot about him.

When you see how he reacts and what he wants to do when he moves in a specific way, you are learning about your dog’s body language. By gaining this knowledge you can act ahead in time before a biting accident can even occur.

Spending time will also teach you his favorite things and the stuff he does not really care about. You can make an effort to do the things that they like instead of pushing them to activities or items they do not like.

The most important thing you can gain from giving them attention is communication. This will teach you their preference.

Dogs follow physical signals more than verbal communication. They are very observant, so using signals will give you an advantage in communicating.

· Train your dog

Training your dog teaches them how they should properly behave. This educates them that they should act appropriately at all times.

Training follows after setting up a good communication between you and your dog.

· Affection

This is crucial once your dog starts behaving, you should let him know that he is doing good. Praise him and give him treats. This will make your relationship with your dog stronger.

Whatever reason you may have to desire a stronger relationship with your dog, you are making the right decision of reinforcing your relationship. You are forming a lifetime friendship and camaraderie with your best four-legged pal.


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