Pit Bulls have been painted an unfair picture as scary dogs. Whether they have been trained to be a fighter or as a pet, the first thought that comes to mind is that a Pit Bull is aggressive and dangerous. Many videos have already disputed that myth. Pit Bulls can be the most caring and friendly animals, and even though they have been raised to fight, they can turn over a new leaf.

In the terrible world of dog fighting, a dog can usually find a horrible ending due to the injuries it may receive. For others who are fortunate enough to survive, they are either used for training other dogs, or they are just left alone in inhumane conditions. Some are lucky enough to be rescued, but even then, not a lot of families adopt former fighting dogs as they are scared of them.

A new chapter

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Max, a Pit Bull, is one of those fortunate dogs that found the opportunity to change their lives. As a former fighting dog, he came along with the stigma that he would never be able to live with other dogs. When he was brought into a shelter, Max surprised everyone.

Max didn’t just play well with others, but he also helped other dogs curb their aggressiveness. Dogs that are brought to a shelter usually didn’t previously live good lives. They don’t know where their next meal would come from, so they tend to be protective of their food. They also become very territorial.

When they arrive at the shelter, they bring this aggression with them, especially with numerous other dogs living there. Max helps these dogs let go of their aggression. He is very patient in dealing with these dogs and in earning their trust. He helps these dogs become more sociable with others. These allow them a bigger opportunity to be adopted and find their forever home.

Max has shown that you can indeed teach old dogs new tricks. He has also erased the stigma that has hounded Pit Bulls and fighting dogs. Watch the video below and see Max work his magic.

Former Fighting Dog Helps Socialize Other Shelter Dogs

It's hard for us not to get emotional about this one. Max came to Dog Tales as a former fighting dog, and we were told that he would never be able to interact with other dogs. Today, not only is he a play group superstar, but he is even helping us socialize other "dog aggressive" dogs. Take a look, and get your tissues ready! <3

Posted by Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary on Saturday, April 30, 2016

Source: Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary via Facebook



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