A Labrador named Dylan is suffering from arthritis, which prohibited him from his usual happy running and jumping games. Because of old age, he suffered from this illness that made his playful nature start to regress, making him sad. Lucky for him, he has his devoted and loving dad on his back. His owner did everything he can to provide him the relief and attention he needed.

Seeing his dog’s poor condition and knowing that he cannot get better anymore, Tonino Vitale was extremely worried and sad. He recalled those moments when Dylan consoled him during his father’s passage. He always stays near him, giving him his warmth and love. Dylan’s loyalty and care for him have never faltered throughout those years. So, to reward him for everything, Tonino came up with an idea to make his dog happy and contented during his remaining years.

Tonino was so creative that he made a cart that could haul Dylan. In that way, he could bring him every day, especially during his early walking routine. He wants him to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the fresh smell of morning breeze. During those days, Tonino noticed Dylan’s improvement.

The 13-year-old Labrador has regained his cheerfulness, just like the old times. He could sense his happiness and contentment. People from their neighborhood were delighted to see the two them and even took a video of them doing their daily activity and uploaded it on the social media where it earned approval and became viral.

Many people show their appreciation of Tonino’s love for Dylan. Tonino only said that he is just returning the love and loyalty that his dog gave him. It is only normal for him to ensure that he could feel the comfort and love, especially throughout this moment where he needed him the most. Watch the video below:

Video source: Sabrina La Grotteria via YouTube


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