Carers at shelters always have compassion for the doggies brought there. Some dogs are adopted quickly. Sadly, others languish for having to wait endlessly.

Jubilee, a four-year-old Siberian Husky, was brought by his breeder to the Husky House in New Jersey. He said that he could not find her a buyer because of her odd-looking eyes.

This adorable pooch has a congenital eyelid issue, which gives her eyes a surprised look. According to the shelter’s vet, these do not pose a health problem.

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Although abandoned, Jubilee showed a sweet temperament that endeared her to the staff of the Husky House. Concerned caregivers wanted to find a way to lure her future owner, for it had been a long wait for her. She had been staying there for two years.

In a desperate attempt to help Jubilee, the staff took to Facebook and wrote an adoption plea according to her perspective. The posts were long, candid, and touching. They contained the sad saga of her life.

An introductory post stated that she got dumped by her breeders because of her strange eyes. Another post said that she wished she was good-looking for her to be taken in.

Initially, the ‘authors’ worried that the posts would flop. Surprisingly, they won the attention of readers who showed a tremendous outpour of love and support for this unloved, sweet doggo.

Soon, the Husky House’s page got flooded with comments. From being rejected, Jubilee became a darling everybody wanted to have in their homes. Reading his thoughts moved their hearts.

More than 150 proposed for Jubilee’s adoption. A couple, who were previous adopters of the Husky, is her proud owners.

Looking at her new family, it was all worth the wait. She now has two new Husky siblings.

What a sweet ending for love denied!

Source: CBC Miami via YouTube


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