Tonic is a little Corgi dog who has leg problems. Corgis often struggle because of their long bodies paired with very short legs. Tonic always has a hard time jumping onto the couch, so his owners came up with a solution.

Ever since Tonic was a puppy, he’s been unable to jump onto things around the house. His owner, Serena Juan, said Tonic still hasn’t mastered how to jump onto the sofa. Serena has never pushed for her Corgi to learn how to jump as she feels it wouldn’t be safe. Serena usually picks Tonic up and puts him where he wants to be.

Serena’s other dog, Gin, is always jumping onto the furniture. Serena became worried that Tonic might feel left out, so she figured out a way to help her Corgi dog.

Serena decided to buy Tonic a mini dog couch so he would have his own place to relax. When she first brought home the mini sofa, Serena said Tonic walked around it and sniffed it. After inspecting his new couch, Tonic plopped down in it and was very happy. He stayed on his new couch for a long time and refused to leave.

One of the great things about Tonic’s new couch is it is low to the ground. The Corgi dog can hop on and off his sofa easily, without getting hurt. Now, Serena said Tonic hardly ever leaves his mini couch.

Serena loves that Tonic has a special place to sit and relax with the rest of the family. Tonic not only uses the couch to lounge around in, but the Corgi dog also sleeps on his sofa every single night. If the family needs to find Tonic, they know to look on his couch first. Tonic has even put his favorite toys and blanket on the mini sofa.

Credits: Serena Juan Facebook


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