This dog had not been given a choice when he was abandoned in a vacant lot with fences around it, where the only company he had was that of other dogs whom he could see but could not play with. The other dogs themselves were in an enclosed area, living with their master while he, the homeless one, had to remain on the other side of the fence, outside. It was not known whether he’d had contact with people ever since he had been abandoned, but he must have been getting his food somewhere since she was able to survive long enough to be found.

When the team of rescuers from the Hope For Paws organization arrived, it became apparent that although he was surrounded by fences, there were plenty of narrow spaces in which he could maneuver himself into, and escape. Before pursuing him, they opted to seal off every possible exit first, and then they started setting up a big soccer net while trying to corner him into a wall. They did corner him, but he was far too small, and he managed to slip through one of the holes of the net, and he escaped.

dog, white, race

But there was nothing to worry about because the area had been sealed off, so they tried again, this time with another net on top of the first one so that he wouldn’t fit into any of the holes. They succeeded, but the dog ended up being so scared for his life that he buried his head into the ground, and that was when one of the rescuers decided to fasten a leash around his neck. Several moments went by, and the dog had started to relax a little, and when he was ready to let them, they brought him to the rescue vehicle so they could leave the place.

They named him Einstein.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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