When Wolfgang, the beagle, came into Erin McManis’ and Chad Schatz’s life, he was already obese. Erin said that the Arizona Beagle Rescue found him as a stray. So, they don’t have an idea of how the dog’s weight got badly out of control.

Wolfgang weighs almost 90 pounds, which is 60 pounds more than his ideal weight. Thankfully, his foster parents are experienced in helping dogs like him with their weight problems. Erin said that Andre, one of their adopted dogs, weighed around 68 pounds when they got him from the shelter and is now at 23. This gives them hope in Wolfgang’s case.

We all start somewhere. I start at 89.7 lbs. I feel bad for hurting Chad’s back, and Chad is also sorry for the language. My diet has started and I also got my walk in after dinner.

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Despite his condition and difficult past, Wolfgang keeps such a positive attitude. When he moved in with his foster family that has two other rescue dogs, he made himself at home. He enjoys staying in the yard, lying on his back while sunbathing and staring at his foster brothers, Andre and Fred.

His foster family sees how special he is. They are determined to help him in his weight-loss journey and, eventually, find his forever home. Right now, Wolfgang’s diet consists of 600 calories per day, which is the vet’s recommendation.

Last night I hosted my first ever party ?. RunBuddyMobile has an air conditioned van with treadmills for dogs but the speed is completely determined my own movement (treadmill doesn’t move unless I move). Runbudy Mobile donated an entire hour to Arizona Beagle Rescue and they brought the van to my house ! I had several dog friends over to try Run Buddy and I was a very good host! I told foster mom I wanted to try the treadmill and I really liked it. It was fun exercising in the air conditioning. However, I was only able to walk for about five minutes and then I was ready for a chariot to come take me away! ?. I sat down on the treadmill when I was done, and went back in to join the party. It was very nice for Run Buddy to donate this time, and some of my other foster beagles in the Rescue can run really fast and I hope they find their forever home soon ! However, as the sessions are thirty minutes long, and I only walked for five minutes, I’m going to keep working on my stamina before I try Run Buddy again. In addition to walking on the treadmill, I also went on an early morning walk with foster mom, so I was tired! Luckily Canna-Pet heard about my journey and donated some hemp treats. They taste great and foster mom says they will help my joints. I’m super happy so many people want to help me go from obese to beast! #beagle #beaglesofinstagram #keto #weight loss transformation #obesetobeast #shelterdog #dogsofinstagram #fitness #fitnessmodel #motivation #fitbark #arizonabeaglerescue #bigbarker #plussize #bodypositivity #fitness #motivationmonday #weightloss #adoptdontshop #shelterdog #goals #lowcarb #caloriecounting#cleaneating #healthylifestyle #dogsofinstagram #supersnouts #adoptdontshop #k9fitness #runbuddymobile #cannapet #phoenix #unicorn #wolfgang

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Erin said that she cooks a combination of green veggies, such as spinach, broccoli, and green beans, and lean turkey meat for Wolfgang. She also gives him vitamins to keep him healthy as well as medication for his thyroid condition. Aside from healthy food and medicine, Wolfgang also gets a good amount of exercise too. He takes regular walks and also swims in their pool.

Initially, Erin said that she was worried that Wolfgang might act really hungry with his new diet. However, she was surprised to see how he remained upbeat. He must really love everything that he has right now, including his family, new diet, and exercise plan.

Once Wolfgang makes sufficient progress on his weight-loss program, he’ll be up for adoption. Surely, by then, he’ll be much happier with his healthier body.

Credit: Wolfgang’s Weight Loss Journey


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