Hope For Paws received a call for help from Waste Management. The reporter claims to spot a stray Pitbull that wandered into their recycling facility. And before they could make a move, the dog hid deep into the trash heap.

Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo quickly went to the said location. Once they arrived, the workers helped create a safe path so Eldad can get to the dog. He carefully climbed up the rubbish, but the dog is too scared to let him near.

Eldad asked Lisa to distract the dog so he could approach from behind. But still, they failed to capture him. He ran and disappeared somewhere within the plant.

The rescuers went back the very next day to continue their mission. The workers used an excavator and a bulldozer to help find the dog much easier. But just like the first time, the dog ran away again.

After several minutes of searching, the team found where the dog hid. They secured the area to make sure he won’t run away again. They also took all the time necessary to ensure everyone’s safety.

Incredibly stressed and nervous already, the dog started to demonstrate signs of aggression. But Eldad knew his reaction was simply because of fear. After a while, the dog sat down on the ground and let his rescuer place a leash around his neck.

Named Thor by Lisa, the dog showed how incredibly sweet and gentle of a Pitbull he is. He shared a few hugs with his newfound friends and voluntarily hopped into the car with them. On their way, Thor fell asleep on Lisa’s arms.

Thor enjoyed a refreshing bath once they arrived at the center. He quickly transformed into a playful happy pup, as if a completely different dog replaced him. Now, he’s ready to be with his new forever family.

Credits to Hope For Paws


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