Dogs are like toddlers. They love to play and learn things, so it is no surprise that a lot of dogs managed to learn amazing tricks from their owners or trainers. One of the talented furry creatures is Taj, a French bulldog who did the ‘Michael Jackson’ move and mimicked some human words.

Fortunately, his human mother captured the rare moments with her camera and uploaded it on YouTube. It already earned more than a million views. Taj loves busting out a bag of snacks and would do anything to enjoy tasty treats.

So, when his mom taught him to speak ‘mama,’ he tried his best shot. It was so funny to watch Taj repeats the word. At first, it sounded strange and incoherent, but his mom kept encouraging him. Taj had his eyes on the prize, so he tried again. Finally, he mumbled a word that sounded like mom and enjoyed his first reward for a job well done.

For the next round, his mom wanted him to say, ‘I love you.’ Taj was all set to get more rewards and ready to try once more. At first, he could only make garbled sounds. Then his shining moment came when he was able to repeat the phrase with almost similar sounds. For this amazing achievement, Taj received his well-deserved treat and praises from his human parents.

After the ‘talking’ stint, Taj demonstrated his other talents like standing on his hind legs and holding the standing position for a longer period. With his mom’s instructions, he also showed off his version of ‘Michael Jackson’ famous dance move, which was so cute and adorable.

Currently, Taj has an Instagram account, describing him as a foodie and socialite dog in San Francisco. His latest photos showed him exploring places with parents or just snuggling under the blanket inside their home.

Watch how talented Taj is in this video:

Source: michellek8399 via YouTube


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