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Whatever the past of a dog is, he or she is still deserving of a second chance at life. Many dogs in animal shelters need love. They may have had an ugly past, but most of them are still capable of showing affection.

This senior dog in a Dallas-based animal shelter is one of the many dogs who need a new home. Named Sanford, the older dog got hit by a car in April.

The one who hit him left him grimacing in pain on the road. Because of that event, Sanford found it hard to walk. A patrolling animal control, though, came to his rescue. When Sanford realized that he is already safe, the dog could not stop smiling.

Karen Velasquez, the one who fostered Sanford, became home to several dogs in the past. According to her, Sanford is probably the happiest pooch she had through the years. She added that Sanford is by far the most cheerful of all dogs she fostered.

For Velasquez, Sanford’s gaze is very warm, and it is heartfelt. After he was rescued, Sanford was brought to a Dallas Texas shelter. The shelter, though, during that time, was full, so he had to be transferred to another animal shelter.

Good thing, Velasquez came to the rescue and volunteered to foster Sanford. Before she could take home the dog, Velasquez was informed of the dog’s past. There she learned that Sanford needs a new loving environment.

With her love and understanding, Velasquez was able to turn Sanford into a happier dog. She shared how the dog’s previous miserable behavior changed. When Sanford set foot in his new home with Velasquez, the dog began smiling.

According to Velasquez, it could be the dog’s way of showing that he is now in a safe place. Velasquez was happy that the dog finally found his groove with her. She said she would continue providing the needs for the dog until his recovery.

Credits to ANIMAL TV.


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