Dogs are not a big fan of fireworks as they have sensitive ears. This will cause the dog to cower in fear or run away. Dora chose to flee. The dog was so frightened by all the fireworks that she ran off.

Dora’s family looked everywhere for her but was unable to find her. They have looked for days, but there was still no sign of her. The family never gave up looking as they believed that one day, they would be able to find her.

That day came. On February 5, which was seven months after Dora’s disappearance, CCAS scanned a dog that they just rescued. Fortunately, the dog had a microchip, so the organization was able to track the dog’s owner. It was a sweet reunion.

Dora’s owner slowly introduced himself to her until she was able to recognize him. There are millions of dogs that are rescued everywhere, yet only a small percentage of them even get back to their owners.

A significant factor for this is the lack of microchip on the dogs. As a pet owner, it is one’s responsibility to make sure that your dog is microchipped. Stories like Dora’s will never have happened if she was not microchipped.

Dora would have continued to be a stray if she did not have the identification that she had. Yes, collars are helpful, but collars can be easily removed. Making sure that you have correctly put identification on your dog secures her future.

Even dogs can be unpredictable at times. Having your canines microchipped gets you that assurance that if they are ever found, they will lead the dog back to you. Dora’s story can be yours.

Now, Dora is happily reunited with her owner. This time, they will make sure that she stays indoors, especially when fireworks are involved.

Source CCASAdoptable via YouTube


  1. Dora looks terrified of her owner. Her body language is not that of a dog happy to see her family. Like she was afraid he was going to hit her. Don’t the shelter personnel pay attention to these things?


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