Senior dogs rarely get adopted due to their age and health issues. This particular senior dog named Pirate has been in the shelter for seven years and has been waiting for her forever home. When people hear her story, they always empathize with her but none of them wanted to adopt her.

Amanda Villeme, the executive director of Oahu SPCA, confirmed that senior dogs don’t always get adopted because people would think that older dogs would require too much work. Pirate almost lost hope that she will ever have a family of her own.

Jennifer Hoyt and her husband are in the military and have been assigned to Hawaii. They have always wanted to adopt a dog and has been viewing pictures of dogs that were available in the shelter. When Jennifer saw Pirate’s picture and knew of her story, they went to the shelter to meet her.

They fell in love with Pirate and wanted to adopt her. Since the house that they got was still unfinished, they could not bring Pirate home yet. The couple would visit Pirate before and after work every single day until their house was done. When it finally was, they brought Pirate home, and she had fun exploring everything.

Pirate has been acting like a puppy every day where she explored everything, and the couple is very happy to see her that way. She also experienced most of her firsts with them like going to the beach and rolling around in the grass. The couple tries to make everything as special as possible for her because they know that she never experienced any of it before.

Making Pirate happy was the couple’s goal, and they have achieved that. Pirate may have waited for a long time to have a family, but the wait was worth it. She got the perfect one.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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