The father of the family once had an accident where he hit his head. He became depressed and had to take antidepressants daily. It was one of the darkest moment of this dad’s life. He adopted a dog that he named Penny, and Penny changed everything for him.

Penny gave him a sense of responsibility as a fur parent and made him forget his struggles. Because of his experience with Penny, his whole family has welcomed over a hundred foster dogs into their family. The family was going to have a new family member as they were expecting a baby.

They would play the sounds of a crying baby in the background at random times. When their baby boy Camden was born, he was slowly introduced to every single dog and Camden was great with them. He instantly knew that he needed to be gentle in handling them.

Most of the dogs that the family have were labeled aggressive and the family was informed that they could not live with children. This family is proving people wrong. Their dogs, especially the pit bulls, are great with Camden. As a matter of fact, Camden has formed a special bond with one of them named Wellington.

Wellington was abandoned in a park and needed time to adjust to his new life. Camden has helped Wellington adapt to his new environment, and the big canine is loving the attention and love from his little best friend. Camden and the rest of the family are very involved when it comes to taking care of the dogs.

In fact, the family is running a non-profit organization that spreads awareness about dogs being abandoned and how people should speak up for them. The family is living their purpose, and their mission is impressive. May everyone be on the same mission as them.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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