These two dogs had been together ever since they were first spotted roaming the streets of Los Angeles, although it wasn’t clear if they came from the same home or if they were abandoned by the same master. What was clear was that one always followed the other and neither of them went anywhere on their own, and that made sense, because out in the streets, who else would have their backs? Some of the people living within the area had tried to make friends with them, and although they were not hostile to the people, they were skittish at best and avoided contact at any given day.

So it was high time that somebody took the time and dialed the number of the Hope For Paws organization hotline, to ask that they take the two off the streets. And ever the dog lover, Eldad and her team mate for this operation, Lisa, made their way to the last known location of the two homeless dogs, and in a parking lot, they found both taking a nap. They were awakened by their arrival, and at first, it seemed that they would be willing to come along quietly, and the rescue operation would go smoothly.

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But something spooked them, and they started going in different directions — the smaller dog with the injured paw was small enough to enter another property through the fence, while the bigger one could not. As the rescuers tried to rescue the bigger dog using a snare, he did not react violently until he started feeling the material tighten around his neck. The other, much smaller dog was looking on as the whole thing unfolded and realized that her friend had been captured, which frightened her into running even farther away from her rescuers.

Fortunately, the security officers in charge of looking after the property, had been kind enough to let them in and even offered to help them secure the second dog. From that point on, it was only a matter of minutes before they cornered her in a narrow pathway, and they waited for her to relax before putting a leash on her, too. They named them Anna and Aurora.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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