This dog had come to call this cemetery her home, and the people in charge of looking after the place were happy to let her stay, but they knew the kind of help she could truly use. None of them knew where she came from exactly, if she was abandoned or if she ran away from her home — just that she had shown up there one day, hungry and alone. They liked having her around and she knew how to appreciate and get along with all the people there so it worked, but she needed more than that and they knew it, even if she didn’t.

So one of them opted to call the Hope For Paws organization so that her rescue could be arranged, and of course, Eldad and his friend Lisa agreed to help them out without missing a beat. After they had arrived at the cemetery, they saw the dog first thing right in front of the lobby’s entrance, and they were quick to get out of their vehicle to approach her. They started by using hotdogs to get her to come closer, and when she got near enough the loop of the snare on the ground, Lisa made her move and secured the dog with it.

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The dog had probably never had a collar before, or if she had, it had been a long time ago because she thrashed and tried to bite the snare off of her neck. The rescuers were quick to start calming her down by carefully and gently touching her head and then rubbing it to let her know that they were not bad people. After spending a bit more time in their company, she began to relax a little and stopped struggling altogether, to the relief of her rescuers.

While on their way to the hospital, they decided to name her Angelica.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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