With all the depressing news and stories circling the internet nowadays, seeing wholesome and motivational posts is a breath of fresh air. Well, what could be more wholesome and motivational than a ten-year-old kid and his hundreds of furry little doggy friends?

Meet Gideon, the Iowa kid who loves going around their block to meet the friendly pooches of his neighborhood. He enjoys petting them and getting to know them through their owners. What makes this kid your new favorite thing on the internet is that he posts about his beloved furry friends in a Twitter account he manages by himself (and supervised by his mom), the @IvePetThatDog.

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Well, I don’t know about you, but meeting and befriending hundreds of dogs in your neighborhood is the kind of job I want to do every day. He has been doing it for quite some time now, accumulating a whopping 226,000 followers as of this writing.

Aside from petting and cuddling dogs every day, what Gideon enjoys the most is that he gets to widen his understanding of the canine species. He loves knowing that dogs do not only differ in size, shape, color, and breed but also differ in their attitude and general behavior. Every day he tweets a photo of him and his most recent doggy friend, and each one of them has a pretty unique story to tell.

One of our favorites is Pippin, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi who loves to play for an hour, then naps for two. This pup enjoys meeting new people as well, but what he loves most is chewing on sticks. Another dog who tops the list is Stranger, the Border Collie who herds cats instead of cattle. He just finished Puppy Training, and you can bet he is a very good boy.

Meet Gideon and the adorable dogs he pets.

Courtesy of DMREgister


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