Most pets have a routine that is set by their owners. Having a schedule is an excellent way to improve the overall health and well-being of our canine friends. In this dog video, we follow a day in the life with Doctor Mike and Roxy, his husky, during the physician’s day off.

Doctor Mike and his husky

Doctor Mike had a day off and decided that he wants to spend it with his adorable husky. He started by packing a bag with water, snacks, toys, among other things. He slipped a collar and leash on Roxy, and they went out the door. Doctor Mike got a cup of coffee and the pooch obediently waited outside without moving an inch until Doctor Mike went her.

Dog park fun

Doctor Mike and Roxy walked to the dog park where this pooch had tons of fun running and playing with the other canines. Roxy also had some playtime with Doctor Mike and got regular water breaks. Doctor Mike stated that dogs who are barking a lot and anxious at home should go out and exercise to get tons of benefits and be happier.

Walking around the city

Roxy and Doctor Mike enjoyed some quality time walking around New York City and got greeted by some fans. Roxy loves being around all sorts of people, and food, and makes her feel calm. Roxy made many new friends that day as a lot people wanted to pet her.

A car trip

Doctor Mike was driving Roxy to their hometown which is Staten Island. Like many other dogs, Roxy loves going for a car ride and looking out the window while enjoying the cool breeze. Be prepared if you have a furry dog like a husky though, their hair will get all over your car!

Another park

Doctor Mike and Roxy visited another park, but this one is similar to a forest, and it’s full of trees and many things for Roxy to explore and discover. This husky is a good dog who knows how to walk off-leash. If Roxy walks too far ahead in the path, she will wait for Doctor Mike to catch up with her before going any further.

Shopping time

Doctor Mike saw how behaved Roxy was and decided that she deserved a treat, so they went to the pet store. He thought that Roxy should get a toy! She finally chose one after testing out several toys.

A special visit

Doctor Mike decided to visit his dad and surprise him with Roxy! The pup was also thrilled to see the father of Doctor Mike, but she was getting exhausted. So, dog and owner went back home to rest after a long, fun day.

Source: Doctor Mike|YouTube


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