As we get older, it is common to have weaker bones. Also, the skin gets drier, some may even experience difficulty in hearing, and visual problems seem to be evident.

Charlie, an 11-year-old dog, has experienced such signs of aging. According to studies, once a dog reaches seven years old, he is already considered a senior. So since Charlie is already beyond seven years old, he has started to develop some health issues.

It started with just a simple sign of poor eyesight which eventually led to glaucoma. One day, his eyesight just went blank which later resulted in the removal of his two eyes. Charlie has always been a jolly and happy dog, so his eye impairment did not seem to bother him. However, it was also evident that he no longer enjoys the things that he used to do when he can still see.

Charlie started to show weakness and despair. He is no longer the lively and cheerful dog that he used to be. This situation caused his foster parents to worry, so they have to find a way to bring him back to how he originally behaves.

Chelsea Stipe and her spouse then thought of getting Charlie a playmate and companion. They attended animal adoption events so they can look for the perfect pet dog that they can bring home for Charlie. One day, they were able to find Maverick, an equally adorable and cute puppy just like Charlie.

Since Maverick is way younger than Charlie, the latter seemed to be inspired with how Maverick moves around and behaves. Charlie always follows Maverick wherever he goes. Maverick served as Charlie’s service dog.

They immediately developed a close bonding with each other. The dogs’ foster parents are thrilled that Charlie has learned how to be a happy and cheerful dog again with the help of Maverick, his best buddy.

Credits to Charlie And Maverick


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