When an accident happens, rescuers need to have a sense of urgency. Every second count in saving the lives of those involved.

It is still good to know that kind-hearted people go out of their way to save a life. I guess Good Samaritans are not yet extinct in this world we live.

Brave gets rescued!

The people who run a garage sale called Hope For Paws regarding a car accident. Weakened by the crash, the dog wandered on to the garage sale, silently waiting for someone to rescue him.


The kids knew about the rescue group’s existence, so they insisted their mom give the group a call. Upon the rescuer’s arrival, the dog fainted right before their eyes. It was as if the dog knew that his savior has come. Thus, he succumbed to his injuries.

Eldad Hagar, one of the rescuers present, knew that the dog was in dire condition. They hurriedly carried the dog and rushed him to the nearest veterinary hospital. During the entire trip, Tux (his new name) stayed unconscious.

Emergency treatment needed ASAP!

Upon their arrival at the hospital, Tux promptly received treatment. He received medication to reduce brain swelling. Lucky for Tux, the medicine worked! He now opens his eyes. Though still weak from the ordeal, he is now able to sit.

Tux stayed a couple of weeks at the hospital for full recovery. He’s getting stronger every single day, and before everyone knew, he is up and about on all fours. Everyone who witnessed his improvement was happy to see him walking again.

Tux then went to a foster home while waiting for someone to adopt him. A few weeks later, Tux finally found his forever home.

If you would like to watch the full video, check it out below.

Many thanks to our friends at DogHeirs for sharing this fantastic rescue story to us.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube



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