A hilariously honest advertisement by the Humane Society Silicon Valley, a non-profit shelter based in California, caught everyone’s attention with its opening line: “How does so much naughty exist in such a small dog?”

The shelter posted an ad featuring one of their dogs, Eddie, a fluffy little Chihuahua whom they admitted was, yes, very cute indeed. Eddie’s slight chubbiness only added to his charm.

However, they cautioned the readers—”Don’t be fooled.”

Image credit: Humane Society Silicon Valley via Blogspot

Humane Society gave three reasons why people wouldn’t want to adopt Eddie.

First, he doesn’t like sleeping in his crate. Eddie is a crate-trained doggo, but ironically, he doesn’t like sleeping there at all. He loves hanging out with his human friends on beds and sofas, though.

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Second, Eddie doesn’t like other dogs. He does enjoy walking on a leash and running around in the yard, but he goes wild as soon as he sees another dog. It doesn’t matter if they’re bigger than him—he will come up and yap at them. He even goes crazy at the sight of a stuffed dog!

It might be a comfort to know, though, that, so far, Eddie has not attacked other dogs, and he has shown some progress toward better leash behavior.

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Lastly, Eddie doesn’t like kids either. According to Finnegan Dowling, spokesperson for the Humane Society, the Chihuahua’s not apt to “befriend a bunch of pre-school kids.” Truth be told, he can get a little nervous with adults too.

Yet Eddie has plenty of other characteristics that make him a good fit in the right home. The pooch is housebroken, so it’s easy to have him around the house. Like many dogs, he’s loyal.

Also, Eddie is pretty fun and friendly—just maybe don’t let him come too close to other dogs and children. But what’s lovable about Eddie is that he’s a great listener, and that’s why his human friends adore him.

Image credit: Humane Society Silicon Valley via Blogspot

The refreshingly honest post helped Eddie find a new family after being in the shelter for 15 months. Retired couple Deborah and Randolph Espinoza chanced upon Eddie’s story on a local news channel and decided that he was the perfect dog for them.

The two don’t have any other dogs, of course. You can watch Eddie in action below:

Source: Humane Society Silicon Valley via YouTube

Thank you so much to Humane Society for posting Eddie’s ad, and thanks to ABC News for publishing the story about Eddie’s adoption.


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