Dogs can bring cheer to so many people. Sometimes, it is just their presence that brings a smile to anyone that passes by. But for this little doggy, she delivers more than just a brighter day when she walks up to your doorstep.

Delivery dog

Maya is a delivery dog. She works every day with her owner to bring different types of packages all over her town. Maya walks around with the ordered goods on her mouth and doesn’t let it go until she gets to the person it was meant for. Some people even stop her on the street to try to get the package but she really won’t let it go until she gets to her destination. This is something that makes her very reliable as a delivery doggie.

Day or night

Maya makes her deliveries whether it is during the day or the evening. As long as she is not too tired or it is not too far, she will always be ready to walk to your door with your package at hand. Maya will even deliver food! However, it may be harder to get her to let it go if it is too yummy like a pizza. When she finds a package that she likes, she doesn’t let it go quite so easily.

Messages of love

The best packages that Maya delivers are those that are sent from the heart. She will bring love notes or other gifts to a person’s door and even wear a cute costume to create the full effect. The thing that Maya loves about her deliveries is the affection that she gets from each and every customer. When they open the door, she is always greeted with a smile and a few cuddles before she gets paid.

Check out this video of Maya making her deliveries:

Source: Mayapolarbear | Youtube



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