An intense soccer game between the Pumas of Mexico City and Deportivo Táchira of Venezuela got interrupted when a four-legged player joined them. The white dog had so much energy; he could not stop wagging his tail during his cameo on the field.

The twelfth player

The match was part of the International Copa Libertadores, a prominent Latin American football tournament. The dog was watching from the sidelines when he suddenly felt the urge to get the ball from the players. He ran onto the field to volunteer himself as the twelfth member of both teams.

It took a while for the players to notice the dog, so they continued to pass the ball to each team member. The dog kept running after the ball, determined to get it from the players. He was ecstatic when he finally got it; his tail was wagging nonstop!

A pleasant break

Both teams could not help but smile despite the interruption. The competition was so intense; it was only fitting that the dog stole the spotlight from the players to entertain everyone.

He ran towards Alejandro Palacios, the goalkeeper of Pumas. Palacios tried to scoop him up, but the dog teased him and ran away. Some of the players tried to catch him, but this only added up to his excitement. He kept running around the field, thrilled that the players were running after him. This held the game up for a couple of minutes.

Gerardo Alcoba, a defender from Pumas finally managed to pick the dog up. He was laughing out loud while carrying the dog off the field because he kept getting wet kisses from the canine soccer player. Once the dog was back in the sideline, the players went back to the game. Watch the video here:

Credits to The Highlights



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