Dogs are brilliant animals, they can be trained to do a myriad of tricks. Some play the piano and sing, others do acrobatic acts, and there are those that even pray before eating! It’s not just with a particular breed too; any dog can be taught to do amazing things. With the perfect blend of training and patience, a dog can do an unlimited number of tricks.

As a dog owner, there is a deep sense of satisfaction that you get when your dog finally learns the trick you’ve been teaching it. There is great pride knowing that your adorable pooch can do something, especially when it is unique. Some dogs have become famous for their acts, especially those that have been featured in shows and movies.

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Pedaling to the top


One dog, in particular, has received a lot of adoration because of what may seem like a simple trick. In a video that has garnered tens of thousands of views, one dog can be seen riding a tricycle. What makes it exceptional is that the dog is riding the three-wheeled contraption like a human being.

Sitting his behind on the trike’s seat, the dog has its front paws resting on the handlebars and its rear legs on the pedals. The dog can be seen lazily pedaling through what could be assumed as their driveway. Going slowly, the dog is smiling as he moves forward. For a moment, he looks at his human, who is filming his actions. He certainly looks proud of his accomplishment.

It’s incredible that this dog knows how to work the pedals, he is not just being pushed around. He may not be the fastest biker in the world, but at least he is getting somewhere. Not many dog owners can say that. Check out the adorable video, its sure to bring a smile to your face.

Just a dog cycling over to its car.

Posted by Shanghaiist on Sunday, April 17, 2016

Source: The Shanghaiist via Facebook



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