TBI is short for Traumatic Brain Injury. It is a chronic type of injury, which means the person deals with it throughout their life. One of the effects of TBI is having constant seizures. Because of the seizures, people suffering from this injury have limited activities.

The seizures happen in an instant and without warning, which means that if a person with TBI gets seizures, he or she will fall and hit their head, which can aggravate an already serious condition.

Janayne Kearns is one of the many people who have TBI.


To cope with the injury, she has a service dog named Colt that helps her with her activities of daily living.

It wasn’t long when Janayne noticed that Colt could detect seizures long before she experiences it. At first, Colt barked nonstop. Because of the barking and running around, Janayne thought Colt wouldn’t be suitable as a service dog. She soon realized that Colt was actually warning her of an oncoming seizure.

She trained colt to put her paw up to her to warn her of an oncoming seizure.

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There was an incident back in 2016 when Janayne and Colt were out for a walk in the park near her house. Colt warned her of an oncoming seizure. Concerned, Janayne rang her friend, Tami. While she was on the phone with Janayne, Tami heard Colt barking nonstop. She knew that something wasn’t right and called the emergency services.

It took the police an hour to find Janayne because it was night time. Colt led the cops to Kearns where they found her having a seizure and not breathing.

Thanks to Colt, the police were able to give life-saving first aid to Janayne and taken to the hospital.

Colt may be a working dog, but he loves his role. During his times off, Janayne would let Colt play and even meet his canine friends. He gets to run around, go for swims, and just be a normal dog.

Here’s a video of how Colt helps his mom, Janayne, on her everyday tasks. It also shows how he’s able to give her a more normal life by enabling her to do the things she loves despite her condition.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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