Most dogs get adopted because they look desirable and there is nothing wrong with them physically. The disabled ones and the ones with special needs are often taken for granted and ignored. Not for Sniffles who has no nose but people are lining up to adopt him.

Sniffles, the Puerto Rican dog is very popular in the shelter in spite of the way he looks. Sniffles was abandoned by his previous owners and was left to live on the streets. While living there, he has encountered many trials and tribulations.

He got into fights with other dogs and had parasites. Hookworms and whipworms were found on him when he arrived. This shows the poor living conditions that he was in.

He also has a lot of dental issues because of the fights that he has faced and maybe also for any food that he has scrapped in. His story was published in a local media, and the requests for adoption poured in.

There are over one hundred requests to adopt Sniffles. He was adopted once, but it did not work out for too long. Whoever wants to take him needs to be prepared to provide him the required medical treatments and attention.

He already underwent a lot of medical treatments, and he still has a lot of dental works to be done in the future. The family who gets him needs to be prepared to give him all the love and care that he needs.

There may be a lot of adoption requests, but not all of them know the extent of care that this dog needs. He needs to have his nasal spray twice a day, and eye drops once a day for what is called a dry eye. It may not be today, but everyone is hopeful that he will eventually find his perfect family.


Source Mega Inspiring via YouTube


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