Having a pet dog is not a piece of cake as people may incorrectly presume. It requires a person to be financially ready to take on the responsibility of being a dog parent. In Israel, a dog lover by the name of Danielle Eden was more than just financially ready as she bought a shelter over there to save 250 dogs.

Danielle and her husband are the founders of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary based in Ontario. As the name suggests, they provide a safe haven for dogs; saving them from being euthanized or from terrible living conditions. The pups they save enjoy running around a 50-acre land, warm food, and comfortable kennels.

The couple is based in Ontario, Canada, but they are originally from Israel. They frequently fly there to rescue dogs from shelters, and usually, it’s easy for them to pick which ones to save. Senior dogs, dogs who are disabled, or the ones who stayed in the shelter the longest, usually gets picked. But a visit to a rural shelter gave them the biggest dilemma in their lives.

They didn’t know who to pick this time. The shelter was dirty, muddy, and overpopulated. They only have space for 70 dogs, but they currently have 250 pups in the shelter. Six dogs cram themselves in one kennel and fight over the piece of bread that is given to them for food. Danielle knew she needed to save all of them, so she bought the shelter.

Transferring 250 dogs to Canada would be a challenge. So she assembled a team to help her. They flew 90 dogs first, and then the rest were brought to Canada the following month. Danielle posted a video of the shelter, and it went viral. Because of this, a lot of people volunteered to adopt these pups. Thanks to Danielle, most of them already found their forever homes.

Credits: HappyFeelGoodChannel


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