Working as an animal shelter volunteer sounds like a dream come true for some dog lovers, especially young ones. For one, you get to be surrounded by dogs most of the day. Another reason is that you get paid taking care of furbabies.

But when you do get to work at an animal shelter, reality will slap you in the face. You will be exposed to the conditions of the beings who need forever homes. And when they fail to find one, the unthinkable will happen to them.

That is why when a woman by the name of Kayla Denney took over an animal shelter in Taft, Texas, she did everything to help the lives of the animals, there become better and not worse.

From 100 to 0

Through Denney’s and a number of kind souls’ efforts, the animal shelter’s kill rate was brought down from almost 100 to 0 percent. And what’s awesome about it is that she only started taking over at the shelter in November. So imagine what else she could do in the years to come.

Devoting her entire career to saving every possible dog life that she can, Denney was able to help get 565 cats and dogs out of the shelter and into homes. All of Denney’s efforts did not go unnoticed as she was rewarded for what she had done.

Good deeds do get rewarded

Recognizing Denney’s accomplishments, Petco awarded her the 2019 National “Unsung Hero” award. They also gave her a $35,000 cash prize. Denney says she plans to use the money to help improve conditions at the Taft animal shelter.


Indeed, good deeds do get rewarded. Another thing that’s admirable about Denney is the fact that she plans to use the money she won to make the animal shelter even better. To find out more, watch the video below:

Credits to CBS 17


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