Surprisingly, a dog’s water bowl can make him sick. Yes, that’s right; water bowls can put your pup in danger. Factors such as how often you washed the water bowl or from what material the bowl is made from are just some examples of how a water bowl can affect the health of your dog.

Not washing frequently

Due to our busy schedules, we often just go about rinsing and refilling our dog’s water bowl, without washing it often. And you may think it’s just water, right? But the truth is, water is an ideal home for many disease-causing pathogens. If you don’t wash your pet’s water bowl on a daily basis, it can be the home to yeast, salmonella, E. coli, and molds.

If washing your dog’s water bowl is something you can’t do on a daily basis, you should have extra sets on hand. This way, you will be using a clean bowl regularly.


Dog bowl material is important


The material used in the production of a pet’s water bowl is relevant because it could be the bowl itself that is causing your dog to get sick. Here, we have listed several materials commonly used in dog bowls and their effect on your dog’s health.


Although an ideal material, plastic can be scratched easily. Pathogens can stay and thrive in the scratches thus exposing your pet to different diseases. You may wash your dog’s plastic water bowl, but the scratches are hard to clean. Hence, frequent washing is not a guarantee to keep your dog safe.

Also, plastic tends to release chemicals which are linked to some medical issues in the reproductive system, as well as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular damage, and brain function impairment. It’s true that manufacturers have created dog bowls free from harmful chemicals which makes it a safe choice, but you will be better off avoiding plastic bowls at all cost.


A scientist has found ways to prevent lead from leaking in many ceramic wares. But damage or even a slight scratch in a ceramic bowl can cause lead to leak into food or water. Lead poisoning is a life-threatening condition which happens to be challenging to treat. Hence, you should check for any chips or cracks in your dog’s bowl. If you found any damage, discontinue use right away.

If you still prefer ceramic water bowls, see to it that they are made from porcelain or stoneware and are certified to be safe for use.


The glass is a great option. It’s convenient because you can easily buy them anywhere. The only downside is it can easily break or sometimes may crack or get chipped. Once a glass bowl is chipped, it becomes unsafe for your dog to use. A chip or a crack can injure your pooch’s tongue while licking the bowl.

Stainless steel

Most dog experts would recommend stainless steel. It is very durable and does not scratch or chip easily. Furthermore, it won’t become a chew toy of your dog. It does not contain any chemicals and can be used to serve either hot and cold food or drinks.

The only downside can be the noise. If your dog would pick it up and drop a stainless water bowl, it can cause some noise. So, choose a stainless bowl with an anti-slip pad to hold it in place.




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